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Videos2you Entertainment
NewsHello and welcome to Videos2you! This is an open entertainment site where you can watch the best tube funny videos, discuss music and movies and things more controversial (in the forum section), read jokes and look at funny pictures (in the categories section). There is something here for everyone, so have a look around, join in the fun and sign up FREE to post your comments, jokes and other fun stuff for everyone to see! Don't forget to introduce yourself in the shoutbox! Have a great day and enjoy all our tube funny videos!
asmodeus on October 07 2008 11:49:00 0 Comments · 1935 Reads · Print

Kanye West In A Blender
MoviesI know you've probably all heard the controversy over Kanye West grabbing the microphone from Taylor Swift while she was accepting an award at the VMA show. Well, now he gets his very own douchebag award straight from Joe Cartoon - watch "Kanye West In A Blender"...

asmodeus on September 18 2009 20:16:03 0 Comments · 1583 Reads · Print

McCoys Hang On Sloopy
MoviesThis is a version of The McCoys "Hang On Sloopy" re-recorded in the 1970's. It still features Rick Derringer on vocals and guitar, but has a reggae feel with added vibraphone. I actually prefer the original 1965 version, but this video has an incredibly hot chick in it that mesmerizes me everytime I watch this!

Her dance moves are beyond sexy, in a 70's kinda way! Sloopy, let your hair down on me, girl...whoa!!

asmodeus on July 02 2009 13:51:25 0 Comments · 1485 Reads · Print

Super Mario Uncensored
MoviesSuper Mario finally defeats Bowser and rescues the Princess, but what does he get for his efforts? He asks only for just a little kiss, but she refuses and so he gets a bit upset. I really don't blame the guy! Find out what REALLY happened when the game ends in this funny Super Mario uncensored video rant...

asmodeus on May 12 2009 15:30:56 0 Comments · 1678 Reads · Print

Jellyfish Bedspring Kiss
MoviesThis is a video for Jellyfish - Bedspring Kiss, but it's really just the audio with a still photo of the cover from Jellyfish's Bellybutton album. These guys were like the late 80's/early 90's version of the psychedelic Beatles era with lots of colorful clothes and trippy tunes like the single "The King Is Half Undressed". Maybe I'll put that one up here too sometime, but this one is my fave song of theirs... so mellow... yeah...
asmodeus on May 04 2009 22:33:01 0 Comments · 1593 Reads · Print

Seth Comedy Beavers
MoviesFrom the SethComedy channel on YouTube, here come the Beavers, "Assholes of the Forest"!! This video is like a documentary of sorts, explaining how the beaver became linked to the word vagina. I didn't know they could be such little bastards, but it must be true because the woodland creatures say so!

asmodeus on April 29 2009 13:47:26 0 Comments · 1503 Reads · Print

Brett Dennen Make You Crazy
MoviesCool music video for the Brett Dennen song "Make You Crazy" featuring additional vocals by Femi Kuti and the lovely feet of Mandy Moore. In this vid he plays the clerk of a shoe store who would have made Al Bundy proud!
I seen this guy playing live on the Ellen show and it was a really good spot, so I thought I'd pop this on here as my show of support. Go out and buy the CD! It's great!!

asmodeus on April 22 2009 22:34:59 0 Comments · 1892 Reads · Print

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